Friday, May 20, 2011

Mormonisms side affects

An interview with Gloria
by John Merilatt

This is the story of a lady named Gloria. We want you to understand what Mormonism does to families when one spouse chooses to leave the church. If this happens to you please don't hesitate to ask for support. That is one of the BIG reasons why this ministry exist.

Are you or have you ever been LDS?
Yes, I have been LDS.

Have been? For how long and why did you choose to leave?
I was LDS for 18 yrs. Joined in 1989 and left in Nov. of 2007. I chose to leave because I found that the grace of Jesus is all I needed for a salvation. In a nutshell, I found JESUS - or He found me!

We hear from Mormons all the time that they believe in Jesus just like we do. Why did you not feel you had Jesus while a member of the LDS church?
  • I believe Jesus "persued" me as a Mormon. I was saved while I was a Mormon Once I found Him ~ He brought me out of the LDS church. He brought me into a relationship with Him. I no longer needed the LDS church. Nor could I continue to embrace the doctrines that were not biblical.

Can you explain what led you to think the LDS church wasn't true?
  • I came to Christ first, and then found the LDS church to be false. Christ saved me FIRST and then He opened my eyes and showed me how the LDS doctrines are often times not compatibable with Biblical teachings. That happened primarily through reading the Bible. As I studied the Bible, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and revealed truth.

What is the main difference you see between Christianity and Mormonism?
  • The nature of God. God for the Mormons was once a man like us. He progressed to becoming a "god"of this planet called earth. He is a created being for the LDS. VS. the Biblical view that there is only ONE GOD eternally existent uncreated Isaiah speaks in detail about this. That is key. Because if they don't understand truly who God is..... then... what do they have?

What reactions did you get from friends and family for choosing to leave?
  • My extended family, who are Christian for the most part were relieved. They had been praying for me for the many years I was LDs. They wept. Their prayers were answered. My dad told me he had prayed every night for me to realize the truth. Most of my LDS friends could not believe I would leave the LDS church for Jesus. They didn't see the "need" to do so. The hardest part was my husband. He was very upset with my decision to leave. My children praise God, came out of the LDS church shortly after I did.
Is your husband still LDS? If so how has this affected your family?
  • Yes, he remains LDS. He is in the process of divorcing me. He can not accept that I have left the LDS church. To him, this is a "deal breaker". It also upsets him that my children have come to Christ, and no longer wish to be LDs.

So how much involvement has the Bishop had with your family with the result of you and your children leaving?
  • My husband's bishop has been supportive of him divorcing me. Our prior bishop was a soft spoken man and didn't interfere much, although we would get visits from the primary president trying to get my kids "back" to church. I finally had to insist they do not return. They would not take "no" for an answer, no matter how I put it. This new bishop is more aggressive.

So I take it your husband has left the house already? What are his plans for moving on?
  • Under his bishop's orders, my husband has chosen to remain living in the house, while we divorce. He refuses to move out and move on. Thus, it makes things tense to say the least.

Do you attend a different church now?
Yes! We were led to a small church here, a non denominational evangelical congregration.

Is your husband open for discussing the differences?
  • At this point, no. He has chosen the LDS church over his family, marriage, etc.

What has happened when the topic is brought up?
  • " Grid-lock"is the best word to describe it.Fruitless and pointless. While he recognizes I worship and love Jesus, it is unacceptable for him to see that I have left Mormonism.

So how would you try and help those in similar situations?
  • Well, first of all encourage them to find Christ first and foremost with Him all things are possible! After that , just be an encouragement to them, pray for them, and help them as best I can.

Is there anything you would like to say to those who are afraid to speak their concerns about Mormonism because they feel their path could be similar to yours?
  • Yes, I would say choose TRUTH........... to live an authentic, truthful life is worth the cost. To be true to oneself first and fore most and to embrace the truth of God, thru Christ Jesus our Lord! The TRUTH sets one Free! I have counted the cost of being a disciple of Christ Jesus, and have found that it is all worth it, all loss I count for gain for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord. , for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I MIGHT GAIN CHRIST.
  • Phil. 3:8
  • Jesus is worth the cost. I have absolutely no regrets.
Please understand that we do not in anyway hold any anger to members of the church. For the real love of Jesus is reflected in the hearts of people such as Gloria even in the hardest of times. Mormonism will try and gain a foothold in every aspect of your life even well after you have left. We are here for you. Don't ever think that you are alone. In closing I leave you with this...

Romans 15:5-6 (NIV)

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. Praise God that you have TRUTH now. And that your kids do too. We can only pray for your husband to see the truth in your lives and come to the realization that you have a peace that he doesn't. Thank you for being willing to share.
    I also came out of the LDS church but my story is a bit different.

  2. I know of at least 4 families that where a bishop has stepped in and told a spouse to divorce because on has left the church. Families are forever are they?

  3. My pastor has encouraged me to divorce my husband and file domestic charges against him for abuse upon myself and my children. While I disagree with some of the doctrines of Mormonism, I am having a difficult time listening to my pastor since he wants me to falsely accuse my husband of abuse, even towards my children. His claim is that Mormon men abuse their spouses and children and I am better off finding a Christian man that the Lord wants me to marry. What is your advise in this matter?

  4. Anonymous- Well The problem although magnified in Mormonism doesn't just fall within the LDS church. If he is truly innocent then I recommend you find a new church. There are lots of Bible based churches. The assumption that all Mormon men abuse their spouses and children is a little far fetched even though it is an extremely male dominated religion to the point of a womans place in heaven. If you are Christian and your Husband is Mormon all I can suggest from here is that you keep him in your prayers that the truth will be revealed to him. If you would like to see if we can find local support for you please contact us through our main website and we can look into the matter in greater detail.

    Remember only you know if he is truly guilty of abuse. If he is please don't try and justify it as if it is your fault. No woman deserves to be mistreated. ~J.R.

  5. I notice you only let people post comments that agree with your misunderstanding of the LDS Church.


  6. No Fred. We are not here for Greg and his merry men to spew out nonsense. Feel free to stick to his blog for that. Thank you though. ~J.R.

  7. Well Anonymous. I doubt the sincerity and validity of your first posting because of the attempted post you tried to make. I pray you can get past your anger and pride and realize the power of the cross.