Thursday, December 19, 2013

Are Jehovah's Witnesses False Prophets?

Pastor Brian Mitoraj and Brock Weigum discuss the recent passing of disgraced radio personality Harold Camping and how his false prophecies have eerie similarities to that of the Watchtower Society.
Can Jehovah's Witnesses rightfully call Harold Camping a false prophet without shooting themselves in the foot?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Santa or the Book of Mormon?

All too often we hear Mormons say they don't need evidence to believe the Book of Mormon. Well...

Every December children across the world look forward to Santa coming on December 25th because he's bringing them presents.  They believe this not because they've seen Santa, his reindeer, or even an elf. Quite the opposite in fact.  They've been told he's real by Mom and Dad.  Even told that they had better be in bed when he gets there or else he'll pass them by.  They read stories about Santa, watch movies and sing carols. Yet all the time never having seen him or anything that would indicate he's more than the stories they've read. They don't need evidence because they "know" Santa is real.   They can feel it.

What does this have to do with Mormonism you ask? Well.... Let's change some words around and you'll see...

Every day Mormons across the world read the Book of Mormon because they long to be exalted.  They believe this not because they've seen the Golden plates, a Lamanite , or even a Book of Mormon coin . Quite the opposite in fact.  They've been told it's real by Mom and Dad, or their local Bishop.  Even told that they had better doubt their doubts than doubt their faith or else they'll miss the highest level of Heaven.  They read stories about Joseph, watch movies and sing hymns. Yet all the time never having seen or heard anything that would indicate it's more than the stories they've read. They don't need evidence because they "know" the Book of Mormon is true.   They can feel it.

Most Mormons don't seem to understand there is more evidence to show Santa is real than there is for the Book of Mormon and yet they'll believe the Book of Mormon over Santa.  Let's look at some shall we?  First off not one person, place, or thing specific to Mormonism has been validated, not one.  There isn't even any mention of any person, place or thing specific to Mormonism outside of LDS literature.

We've all heard he gives away presents.
(Historical fact he existed and did this)

We've all heard that he
 lives in the North pole. 
(Archaeological  fact that it exist)

We've all heard he has reindeer. 

(We see these everyday)

These are only 3 examples to help support the existence of Santa Clause.  Yet Mormons have more faith for the Book of Mormon than they do Santa. Maybe that's because over time Parents finally stop trying so hard to put on a show. Or it could be that kids try harder to catch Santa only to find out it was Mom and Dad the whole time.  Mormons will be quick to tell you that you can't prove Lamanites weren't real or that they weren't annihilated at the Hill Cumorah.

Although it would help their case tremendously to show ANY proof they we're real most of us have come to realize it's just as much fiction as "The night before Christmas".  I'm also willing to bet that those who choose to ignore the lack of evidence do so because they continue to repeat the things they see and hear as children. As they get older they never stop seeing and hearing the same stories being told not realizing or caring that it is nothing more than a story. Most have invested all if not most of their lives into the story for it not to be real.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's not in the script.

When you engage LDS in conversation and you have presented facts about their church you'll often find a common response.  That being that the facts presented aren't faith promoting (meaning it doesn't put their church in a good light) and therefore they honestly don't care about them. They've had their personal experience which to them confirms the truth of the Book of Mormon and feelings will ALWAYS override facts.  However I have witnessed something that shows this mindset isn't just limited to how they view their faith. It extends to all aspects of life.

My wife and I had the pleasure of visiting Steve Dealy of the Nauvoo Christian Center.  During our time there we went to visit some of the LDS historical sites who are ran by older missionaries.  Since it's considered a tourist town they don't want to push Mormonism too much because they want people coming back.  However when you enter any of their historical sites you'll get a brief history of the location along with how it fits into the importance of Mormonism.  Not to be concluded without showing how it's an example of how Mormonism is true.  All done which expressing a heart felt emotion in their tone.

One such site was where a older sister missionary walked through how the old pioneers would make their candles.  After her presentation was over Steve asked her a follow up question. Which she then followed with how some visitors will try and explain to them another possible way people may have done the process on how the candles are made.  Her following statement left me shaking my head.

She said...
"I just let them know that isn't in our script, and that's what we've been taught to say."

If this isn't a perfect example of how they apply facts to their faith I don't know what does. If the facts aren't in their script they aren't important. This is a prime example of what we call "Lying for the Lord".  It may not be intentional for this lady was being very sincere by letting us know she can't be bothered with too much information that what she's been told to say.

This continued as the next place we stopped at gave us LDS pride at it's best.  Explaining how one mans inventions had world wide implications and how it all tied back to that location.  However he went "off script" in the other direction.  Explaining how others who stayed there were not a part of the listed history for the location but he felt the need to tell us because it helped show how important the church was.

What really got concerning was how one location had a gentleman making statements that included the phrase "Fact is" when it was clear he was making things up as he went along.  Sounds a lot like Joseph Smith and how his revelations came to be.  There is a script when it comes the missionaries that show up at your door as well. The constant tug and pull of the emotional strings to get you to buy into the program.  LDS Apostle Dieter Uchtdorf summed up this mindset by stating...

"Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."
He tries to portray this as someone who doesn't think they can live up to the churches standards.  First off no one including Monson can live up to the churches standards.  Jesus himself didn't live up to LDS standards because he wasn't married for all time and eternity.  So what could be a key thing to take from this?  Maybe if the 'facts' show us that the "only true church" isn't true they need to be looked at.  Maybe 'fact' is the Word of God isn't corrupted and the Book of Mormon is nothing more than a novel compiled by Joseph. Hopefully if you claim the title Christian you always consider yourself a missionary.  That each person we come in contact with is in our mission field.  If we don't let the Holy Spirit lead the conversation we won't be an effective witness. For each of these people we come in contact with have a different story and following a script will never work.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Helen Ann Hulse of Mormon Missions Midwest Outreach

As you get involved with apologetics and start to rub LDS apologists the wrong way you will soon get attention that you may or may not want. I myself could care less for if they are trying to go after me then that just means they will leave others alone. To me some of the comments you see are funny. They claim they are Christian however I will show you some of their comments and I will let you be the judge of that. 

The original title of this blog was "Oh the Child's Play" because I had the pleasure of noticing that a certain Anti-Christian (LDS apologists)or so I thought, who went under a fake facebook profile by the name of Porter Rockwell had become fascinated with me. For the privacy of others that were involved I will stick with their first names only but I'm sure most of you will know who they are. Because the person in question has decided to go after our ministry I decided to play right back by letting them notice my profile picture. Sure enough it didn't take long however their reaction went even further than I expected. This is exactly what you need to be aware of because this is the real reflection of their hearts of which God is no part of it. This is how the conversation started.

What makes the following conversation more interesting is the fact of who was behind Porter Rockwell.  That's right it is a so called "Christian" who runs a 501c3 ministry to Mormons.  I never could understand why an apologist would invest the time to try and research my past and it turns out they didn't.  Because I told this person over Skype the information who then in turn tried to use the information to make me look bad.  Who is this person you ask?  Helen Ann Hulse of Mormon Missions Midwest Outreach.  I have wanted to avoid bringing up issues like this because I was wanting her to leave the past in the past.  Now that she insist on trying to run peoples names through the mud I thought some of you might be interested in knowing the reality behind her so called "Christianity".  Feel free to view her confession and then please feel free to read how she hides behind the image of an LDS Danite.

Why is this important you may ask.  Well for years Helen has cried that her ministry has been under attack by a few people on facebook.  Funny thing is most of the information that was being fed to them if not ALL of it was being done so by Porter Rockwells profile.  Why the need for this?  Now that she has gotten rid of the Porter profile she has turned her attention to any and all people who have once helped her or stood up against her un-Christ like behavior. FYI When the following conversation took place I was under the impression I was talking with a Mormon.
John Merilatt - Porter. You seem intimidated by my pic.  I'm messing with you and I?  I live in Vancouver Washington.  Feel free to swing my way.  I'll have coffee waiting.
Porter - You are a joke. Me intimidated by you John? Now that's funny!
John Merilatt - I'm not saying you are. I am just going off your posting.
 Porter - You've never been Mormon so what the hell are you up too?
John Merilatt - You are correct.  I've never been.  Does that disqualify me from wanting to share the Gospel with the LDS?
Porter - keep your gospel
John Merilatt - I will.  And I will also share it with those who know hey can' live up to yours.  God Bless.
 Porter - use your wives face cream or make remover on the photo... you don't look good like a joker or clown.
John Merilatt - You are correct I don't.  However Joseph and his religion of many colors does. 
Now at this point since he knows she won't convince me of "the error of my ways" the normal thing you will see them do is go character assassination mode. They do this in order to get you upset or to get you frustrated to the point you may say something you normally wouldn't.
Porter - get some dental work done!
John Merilatt - Wow.  That is the best you can come up with?
John Merilatt - Please.  If you want to play children's games there are playgrounds for that.
Porter - you would know, right? 
John Merilatt - You are correct.  I have 2 little ones.  A part of being a parent.
Porter - Ha! 
John Merilatt - Le me know when you've matured a little.  I'll be around. 
At this point she tried to make the conversation even more personal. She heard my past and tried to use it against me as if I have something to hide. So for those of you who do care let me explain part of my past. After graduating college I got married and moved from a town I refer to as Hickville Oregon up to Vancouver Washington. I then entered the U.S. Air Force Reserves. Upon completion of training it was clear that my wife and I had a separation between us and I couldn't figure out why for some time. After some time passed the truth came out that while I was gone my wife was unfaithful. We attempted to work things out but divorce came and we moved on. This brings me to her next attack.
Porter - with your two wives?
John Merilatt - Your the one who's LDS.  You should know more about that than me.  It isn't in my doctrine.
Porter - I didn't divorce my wives, you did...
John Merilat - You act like I have something to hid.  Yes I am divorced.  And I had every Biblical reason to do so.  As if that is any of your business.
Now if this is not enough here are some other comments made on Porters page.
Greg - I would like to see John Merilatt and any of his supporters give a picture of Mohammed the same treatment and then post that on a Facebook page for Muslims.  It's easy to kick a target that doesn't fight back. It doesn't take bravery to be a bully.
Well Greg Islam is not a religion we know enough about to make that kind of reference to. Even then Greg they don't claim to use the Bible like you do. I also love the reference to kicking a target that doesn't fight back. Joseph insulted us from the very beginning and your pride refuses to allow you move past petty games. Last but not least "It doesn't take bravery to be a bully." You are correct, for you go a lot farther than I ever would. I have never gone after your personal character or anyone else's in order to scare them off. To bad it doesn't work with me.
Peter - The example of John Merilatt and his ministry is the main reason why I do not trust any ministry what so ever when it claims to care to love Mormons, not that I am asking for care or love.  I know my Church is True and that I have a living Prophet that leads me and that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Brother and I say these things in his name..... Amen
Well Peter I wouldn't expect you to trust us. Our goal is to help those in bondage that want a way out to find one. It isn't for Anti-Christians such as yourself. I would ask you this question. If you see a dear friend of yours walking into a field with countless land mines would you keep your mouth shut or allow them to believe what they want? We all know what you "Know". I always love how when there is nothing else to say or you don't have an answer you have to tell yourselves again what you "Know".

This one is one of my favorites...
Peter - I know ha all these ministries that claim o reach out to Mormons are controlled and being led by the children of Satan....... Yes I did say that..... if you have proof that you follow Jesus Christ then give it and don' play games..... if not then go back to Hell with Satan and don't let the doors of Hell hit you in the Ass.
Really? At this point his true colors have come out. So any group that reaches out to Mormons is controlled by Satan huh? Do I have proof I follow Jesus. Absolutely I do. I give my life to serving him however he calls me to. It just so happens that he has laid it upon my heart to try and reach the LDS and JW's. You both claim to be the only true church and organization that can speak for God and yet neither of you have valid answers to Biblical questions we ask. You in turn spit out responses like the one we see here. Can't you just feel the love with his comments?

Last but certainly not least...
Gregory - John, did you forge to wear your WWJD bracelet yesterday?  this isn't very nice.

Well Greg. What would Jesus do? What did he do is the better question. Jesus stood up against those who were perverting his Gospel. Jesus got angry at those who were making a mockery out of his house. He claimed to be the only way of which was not open to interpretation or feelings. He claimed to be the great "I am". We as Christians are called to be salt and light. Salt on an open wound hurts doesn't it? If you don't know try it and get back to me. Ever turned the lights on after having been in a dark room sleeping? Why not look into what the long term affects of being subjected to intense light can do and get back to me.

I hope Helen understands that I want no harm to come to her. I pray that she stops her campaign before she ruins what reputation she has left.  Upon confession, and promise to stop her smear campaigns this article will be removed. Because things like this have to stop.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

You misrepresent my faith while I misrepresent yours?

  If you've engaged any LDS apologists as of late I'm sure you've heard something along the lines of  "You have no idea what we believe", or "You're misrepresenting our faith".  This is usually being said to someone who is former LDS and most often a former Temple Mormon.  When this part is brought up they will often they say that they obviously didn't have a true confirmation from the Holy Spirit. Yet what they are missing are the facts that clearly show Mormonism is nothing more than a modern day blasphemy. They either don't care or turn a blind eye to the teaching manuals from their own church that clearly show how the quotes posted by former leaders reflect that which is taught within the LDS church.

 At some point during the conversation after they realize their points have no validity or you have asked them a question they know they can't answer honestly without admitting their wrong, you are almost assured that they will bring up how you follow the Nicene creed. Rather than rehash the same old argument I encourage you to read Eric Johnson's posting on the MRM Blog.

Can we see evidence of the trinity in scripture?  Absolutely for it's written all throughout Gods Word which you can see in the chart above.  However there is another way that might be able to help those who question or deny the trinity understand it a little better. How many Old Testament Tabernacles/Temples where there? One. How many parts to the tabernacle where there? Three, Outer court, Inner court (Holy Place), and the Holy of Holy's. Three parts to the temple yet only one temple.  Each part no less important than the other two and the temple wouldn't be the all three parts.  Those who deny the trinity refuse to realize that the Godhead as illustrated above is seen from even Genesis when God said "Let US make man in OUR own image".  This example also shows how a modalistic view of God is impossible.  All three exist at the same time and are separate from each other at all times. Each part has it's own distinct function yet as stated before is no less a part of the temple.

  Because the LDS feel they have to work in order to make themselves worthy before God they in turn see the Bibles grace as cheap. For if a person claims to be forgiven before they earn it then they can go around killing, stealing, and lying with no worries of punishment for the sin. You will often see Mormons use the second half of Philippians 2:12 out of context to show how we need to work for salvation however lets look at it shall we.
"Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling."
As we can see from the first portion of the verse he is addressing those who are already saved, not those who are working towards it. As a result of being saved we then go out for works knowing the price that was paid for them. (Ephesians 2:10)

  As a result of a Mormons upbringing they assume that the church is the building a person attends and defines their version of truth. They think that the church we attend defines our definition of truth like it does theirs.  Any Born Again Christian understands knows that the building someone choices to worship in doesn't always define their beliefs.  A true Christian rely's on the Word of God to mold their will to His, not a self proclaimed prophet. Jesus is our Truth (John 14:6) not a church.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Foolishness or Defense?

When your apart of a ministry such as Ephesians 2 you tend to get quite the reaction from LDS apologist.
One such apologist who's name is Victor messaged me asking why I refused to allow him into a group our ministry has on facebook.  This group is for Christians who support Ephesians 2 Ministry and to allow them to ask for prayer or advise with any and all situations (ministry related or not).  Now why would an LDS apologist want to be a part of this other than to cause issues?  I have stated from the very beginning that Ephesians 2 Ministry is not for those who are content being LDS regardless of facts presented to them.  As the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water you just can't make them drink.  He started out the conversation by saying...
"I find it amazing how a ministry founded to reach out the the "lost" actually avoids those they claim are lost.  Or, better yet, a ministry that merely targets those with weaknesses in their faith, all the while avoiding those who actually have a strong faith and an ability to respond to the claims of said ministries.  Since when did the Great Commission omit any person?"
Now don't get me wrong.  Reaching the lost is the ultimate goal for Ephesians 2.  Not only by those who are a part of our team but making sure all those we serve have the knowledge and understanding to do so.  However there is a difference in trying to reach those who are lost and engaging those who are only out to argue. 2 Timothy 2:23 "Again I say, don’t get involved in foolish, ignorant arguments that only start fights."

I often refer to their mindset as the "Red pill, Blue pill" argument. So you can understand what this means you can watch the video here. For someone such as Victor who has seen all the evidence against his faith and refuses to acknowledge the falsehoods and convince himself that facts don't exist is doing exactly what you hear in the video.  Believing what you want to, not what is real. Now after informing him I wasn't interested in getting into debates with him he commented saying...
"Not a debate, just biblical Christianity. Jesus Christ never missed an opportunity to teach those who were misguided."
Never missed an opportunity yes.  However he also knew when those around him were only looking to pick a fight as we see in Mark 14:61.  As you can see he is following the norm.  Seeing where the conversation was going to go I asked him no end the conversation and to not contact me further till he was done defending a lie.  He responds with..
""Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word of God." How shall the uninterested then hear if ministries, such as E2, only seeks out those with interest in hearing?"
Again he would be correct that faith comes by hearing.  A conversation like this would go nowhere with someone who not only isn't interested in hearing how their church is a fraud, but avidly defends it spite the facts. Now again don't misunderstand me.  Engaging LDS in conversation is vital if they are to realize what they've gotten themselves involved in.  However in the case of an apologist that will not be the case. He then attempts to defend his case by saying...
"How un-biblical you can be. Saul defended a lie, yet Jesus Christ sought him out on the road to Damascus.  He didn't say to Saul, "when you are done defending a lie feel free to look me up."
Thank you for comparing yourself to Saul defending a lie Victor, however you are trying to compare Saul conversing with Christians to Jesus encountering Saul.  I pray you yourself one day receive a similar vision and stop attacking God's Word. His intentions after this became even more clear as he spends just as much time attempting to correct the errors made in my responses done by my phones auto-correct feature.  This is why Ephesians 2 will never tolerate LDS apologist attempting their slight of hand on our facebook page or any other form of social media.  They will be quick to say we are trying to hide the truth while at the same time attempting to silence those who oppose their church.  When you engage someone who is LDS that you do not know personally do keep this tactic of theirs in the back of your mind.  Be aware that their purpose may only be to waist your time.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Monday, April 22, 2013

How God Got Me Involved in Outreach to Mormon’s and JW’s

It was an interesting period in my life. I had just gotten married two months earlier. My wife and I were in the honeymoon stage our marriage, I was exploring a career change into financial planning, and, sinfully, I was almost solely focused on making money. I remember being very susceptible to greed at that time. God used a knock at my front door and a heartbreaking realization to bring me powerfully into the world of counter-cult apologetics.

I opened the door and standing before me was an elderly woman and a man named Clay. These two were dressed very properly, smiling politely and introduced themselves. They were Jehovah’s witnesses. They came bearing the “good news” of the Bible and God’s coming kingdom.

 I was stunned. Here before me were two lost souls, and beyond the “Are you a good person test” that I had learned from Ray Comfort, I had no idea how to share the gospel with them. I kindly listened to them and the whole time felt frustrated and disgusted at my own ignorance. How could I say that I loved these people, yet I had never really tried to learn what they believe so that I can more effectively share the gospel with them?

I had a new mission. My desire to pursue a career in financial planning almost immediately vanished and I began furiously inhaling any information about Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons. My best friend from 5th grade on, was and is a member of the Community of Christ (RLDS) church which also lead me to want to understand their faith better. I would sit down with Clay three times over the course of the next year or so and discuss the diety of Christ with him. Hebrews 1 became a common scripture for us to review and he admitted that he was at a loss when approaching Hebrews 1 in relation with Psalm 102. I have not met with him in over a year. I will be moving to Yakima, WA in June and plan to have one final discussion with him, where I will be sharing this document with him:, along with this challenging quote:

“We need to examine, not only what we personally believe, but also what is taught by any religious organization with which we may be associated. Are its teachings in full harmony with Gods Word, or are they based on the traditions of men? If we are lovers of the truth, there is nothing to fear from such an examination. It should be the sincere desire of every one of us to learn what Gods will is for us, and then to do it." John 8:32 (The Truth That Leads To Eternal Life, 1968, p. 13) 

 My engagement with Mormons has been more consistent, and more consistently frustrating. While Clay, the Jehovah’s Witness, was willing to go to the scriptures with me, I felt that the Mormon missionaries would use the bible disingenuously and, when pressed for reasons why I should believe them, would constantly resort to the “I know it in my heart to be true” to which I would always reply, “But a Muslim, Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness can say the same thing. Why should I believe your feelings over theirs?”. I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer to this question, and I sincerely doubt that I ever will.

 My heart aches for anyone who is lost, but there is a special place in my heart for Mormon’s, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Catholics, as I grew up with them and know so many. I now have an unquenchable thirst in my life to reach the lost and to engage not only their hearts but to force them to THINK about the issues as well. I think many churches, heretical and orthodox alike, do not do effectively equip their congregations to approach faith with our minds turned on, as society moves farther away from logic oriented decision making, and leans more and more on emotional, self-centered pragmatism and hedonism.

Lord, save us from our wicked hearts (Jeremiah 17:9), help us to repent and to make sacrifices to share the gospel boldly, with those whom we love.

 -Neil (Neil is the founder of Soul-Winning Students which can be found at

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Don’t Get Roped In

I’m one of those people who likes to debate. Ya’ know the type that most people don’t want to sit and have a head-to-head disagreement with because I love to let someone talk and allow them to hang themselves? Yeah, that’s me. I firmly believe that any argument formed from a stance of ignorance is easily defeated by using the very words of the one attempting to promote it!!
Recently I began reading an article and knew that within a few pages such ignorance would be revealed- I was not disappointed.
The watchtower published an article entitled, “Should You Believe in The Trinity?” From the beginning the ignorance was amazingly thick. Various quotes were cited by one intelligent person and then another. The brightest among us on both sides of the issue were used to show that belief in the Trinity was a central teaching of the Christian Church. Several times it was mentioned that the smartest of the human race cannot understand- and consequently- fully explain or teach the Trinity.
Let’s take a pause here. I was taught in school that the best and brightest among us once strongly believed that the earth was flat. Also there was a time when the most respected astronomers believed that the earth was the center of the entire universe. A little more recently the brightest scientists taught that if the human body move faster than fifty miles per hour the skin would peel off our faces. What’s that I just heard? Oh, another jet just routinely broke the sound barrier.
(Sorry I was distracted for a second)
 My point here is obvious: Human understanding or the lack thereof has no bearing whatsoever on the Truth. The Truth is the Truth weather we believe, doubt, fully grasp or remain clueless.
Back to the article: I continued reading waiting for some small nugget of “evidence” that the Trinity really should be in question. I was looking for a somewhat reasonable explanation as to why the Watchtower has taken a stance of unbelief where the Trinity is concerned. What I found was an even more blatant misuse scripture out of context.
The Watchtower claims that the Triune nature of God could not have been revealed by God Himself because

“Devine revelation itself does not allow for such a view of God”.
It then immediately quotes 1 Corinthians 14:33 “God is not a God of confusion” as support!
WOW!! Talk about taking a verse out of context. This verse has nothing to do with explaining the Trinity. In fact it deals with the topic of using our spiritual gifts. Reading the verses before it, starting at verse 26 clearly reveals that fact.
Nor does this verse say “If man is confused by it then it must not have come from God”. Are you kidding me? I am confused by almost everything God reveals to me.
1.       Can anyone explain creation?  Ya’ know, God reached into nothing and brought the entire universe to life?
2.      Who fully grasps the fact that God is eternal having no beginning or no end?
3.      Tell me, who in the Watchtower, Mormonism, Philosophy or Christendom can fully understand and explain how the universe expands forever without borders!
4.      How did God hang the earth on nothing, set it to spin and sustain its perfect distance from the sun?
5.      And someone please rationally, logically- with our great human minds- explain the parting of the Red Sea, I dare ya!
6.      Better yet, tell me how Christ spoke, “Lazarus, come forth!” and a dead man walked out of a tomb wrapped in burial garb.
Let’s push passed the ignorance shall we?
 Looking to finite human logic to understand and/or explain an infinite, eternal, all-powerful, all knowing and all-present God is just plain nonsense.

This poorly written article also stated, If the Trinity were true, it should be clearly and consistently presented in the Bible. Why? Because as the Apostles affirmed, the Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to mankind. And since we need to know God to worship Him acceptably, the Bible should be clear in telling us just who He is”.
It also mentioned that the correct way to understand God is from the scriptures and even Jesus used the scriptures, often saying, “It is written…”, so very true. So let’s look at scriptures to see what God has to say about Himself!!
Let’s take a topical approach
Trinity in Creation:
“In the beginning God (Elohim) created the Heavens and the Earth”- Genesis 1:1. Biblical study reveals that each part of the Trinity played a part in creation.
God the Father is the one “from whom all things come” according to 1 Corinthians 8:6. He planned and decreed creation- Acts 17:24-26. He did “everything in conformity with the purpose of His will as stated in Ephesians 1:11
John 1:3 asserts that Jesus-God the Son’s role in creation was that “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that was made”. Colossians 1:6 affirms this: “All things were created by Him and for Him”.
The Holy Spirit “was hovering over the waters” according to Genesis 1:2. The Hebrew word for ‘hovering’ is important here because it gives a picture of an eagle hovering over its young in a supervising and protecting role. So the Holy Spirit was actively a part of creation, supervising it and ensuring its safe and secure development.
If there was only One Creator yet the Father, Son AND Holy Spirit were all a part of Creation then we can only conclude that all three of these personages are the Eternal Creator.
Biblical Evidence of the Trinity
The Father is called God- “of whom are all things” in 1 Corinthians 8:6 AND Jesus is called God- “by whom are all things” in that same verse.
The Son is called God- Hebrews 1:8 says, “But, of the Son He says, “Your throne, O God, is forever and ever, and the righteous scepter is the scepter of your Kingdom”. Also Jesus Himself said He was God when He stated, “I and the Father are one”. The Greek word for the word ‘one’ used in this verse means “of the same essence and substance”. So despite what anyone may say it does not mean “one in purpose” only. If Christ wanted us to believe that He was not God He would have used a word that clearly showed a distinction between him and the Father but He didn’t.
Giving further support for the fact that Jesus claimed to be God- and therefore the same as the Father- we read in John 8: 58 & 59 That Jesus stated”…before Abraham was born, I AM” The Jews recognized that Jesus was claiming to be the same I AM we read of in the Old Testament. They picked up stones in order to stone Him for what they believed to be blasphemy. They recognized that Jesus Christ claimed to BE GOD!
The Holy Spirit is called God: In Acts 5: 3-4 Peter asked Ananias why he had lied to the Holy Spirit and continued on to say “…You have not lied to men but to God”. Peter fully recognized that lying to the Holy Spirit is lying to God because they are one in the same.
The Biblical support for the trinity aka The Triune God goes on and on.
The message to us Bible-believing, Trinity-supporting Christians is simple. Do not Get Roped Into the sometimes well-worded, logical-sounding, seemingly-wise arguments of the Jehovah’s Witnesses (and Mormons). Study the Bible so well and to such a depth that when false teachings pop up, your mind refers back to scripture that shoots down the Devil’s mental and spiritual attacks found in their words. 

“I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You”- Psalm 119:11

Another way to say it is, "I have studied Your Word so deeply that I will not be roped into ignorance and Sin"

God Bless all my Trinity-believing Christians, stay Strong!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mormon god vs Christian God

Is God eternal or did He become God? Where did He come from? Where is He located? Does He care about us on earth or has He created us and then left us to fend for ourselves?

Every religion has its own view on the nature of God or a “higher power” which is ultimately responsible for the creation and sustaining of the universe. Today we will take a look at both the Mormon and Orthodox Christian views of God’s nature. The information given on the Mormon view will be taken directly from Mormon Scripture and other Mormon publications. The Christian view is given based on the information in the Holy Bible. I do this so that there is no personal bias. It will be a representation of what both systems of faith profess to believe and therefore teach.
What does the LDS organization say about the nature of God?

More than one God:
First, in The Pearl of Great Price, Abraham 5:4 states that the gods created the earth and the heavens. Verse seven of this same chapter states that the “gods formed man from the dust”. Clearly the LDS teaching is that there is more than one God.
Joseph Smith once stated, "I wish to declare I have always and in all congregations when I have preached on the subject of the Deity, it has been the plurality of gods". This quote is recorded in the History of the Church 6: 474. (Emphasis added by me)
Furthermore, Brigham Young, the second LDS prophet said, "How many Gods there are, I do not know. But there never was a time when there were not Gods..."  This statement is from the Journal of Discourses 7:333.
Mormon Apostle Orson Pratt taught, "We were begotten by our Father in Heaven; the person of our Father in Heaven was begotten on a previous heavenly world by His Father; and again, He was begotten by a still more ancient Father, and so on, from one generation to generation", from page 132 of The Seer, a Mormon publication.
These statements are in direct contrast to the Christian teaching that there exists only one God.
First Timothy 2:5 saysFor there is only one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and humanity--the man Christ Jesus.
Joshua 22: 22 says,
The Mighty One, God, the Lord, the Mighty One, God, the Lord! He knows, and may Israel itself know…”
Also consider 1 Corinthians 8: 6: “…yet for us there is but one God, the Father, from whom are all things and we exist for Him; and one Lord, Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we exist through Him.
Christians believe that there is only one God in whom all power resides. To state that there is any God other than this one God is in direct contradiction to the Bible and therefore not a Christian belief. By the evidence states so far it is obvious that the god of the Mormon faith is not the same as the God of Christianity.
Jesus is not God?
First Corinthians 8:6 and 1 Timothy 2:5, not only state that there is only one God but that God was physically seen on earth in the person of Jesus Christ.
First John 1:1 states, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. 
This same verse in Joseph Smith’s translation of the Bible aka The Inspired Version, reads like this:
“In the beginning was the gospel preached through the Son. And the gospel was the word, and the word was with the Son, and the Son was with God, and the Son was of God.
Smith blatantly strips Jesus Christ of His rightful deity by adding in the word ‘of’. Obviously the LDS organization teaches that Jesus was not God in the flesh which means they are not teaching a core Christian belief.
The Trinity (a.k.a. Triune God)
This also leads to another LDS belief that God is not one being comprised of three persons. According to a friend/relative of mine who served twice as a Mormon Bishop, Mormons profess that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three separate Gods who are “one in purpose”. I also had an online chat with a Mormon missionary who verified this LDS belief.
In contrast, we read in John 10: 30 where Christ stated, “I and the Father are one”. Christ used the Greek word for ‘one’ which means, “Of the same essence and substance”. It doesn’t get any plainer or bolder than that. Jesus stated that He was of the same stuff that makes up the God that created the universe. He is of the very same unique fabric as God.
Mormons may use the events surrounding Jesus’ baptism as evidence that there is more than one god. When Jesus rose out of the water in Matthew 3:17 the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in the form of a dove and a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son in Him I am well pleased”. Here were see Jesus in the water, The Holy Spirit descending from heaven and the voice of the Father in Heaven. Mormons see this as three gods; Christians see this as God showing proof of His omnipresence. The God of Christianity has the ability to be in three places and in three forms all at once. Apparently the Mormon god does not share this amazing trait.
This is just further proof that Christianity and Mormonism are absolutely not the same when it comes to their beliefs on the nature of God.
It is important to realize that there are definite, undeniable differences between the god of Mormonism and that of Christianity. Why? Because many Christians join the Mormon organization thinking that they’ll be able to take their Christianity with them. However, the subtle “bait and switch” approach of the LDS organization slowly becomes apparent upon deep, detailed investigation of their beliefs.
Also, in speaking with several Mormons I have been met with statements to the effect of, “There really is no difference between what you believe and what we believe. We both serve the same God”.
The fact is, upon detailed investigation we discover that the god spoken of and taught within the walls of Mormonism is quite different than the God of the Christian faith. Let us not be fooled into thinking that Mormonism is an example/extension of our faith in the God of the Bible. It is not a denomination within Christianity in the least bit.
In my opinion Mormonism is one of Satan’s most crafty, detailed, world-wide deceptions. The Latter Day Saints appear, in many ways, to teach and believe the same message of Jesus Christ- but, these few examples show the Truth!!
It is a fundamental believe that God is three persons which comprise One being. We believe that Jesus Christ was God made flesh, born of a virgin in the small town of Bethlehem. We believe that faith in Jesus Christ alone- as shown by the thief on the cross- is needed for salvation. We believe that God is eternal, having no beginning and no end and as such he was not created by anyone.
Due to their teachings and their lack of belief in basic core values concerning God’s nature we must reach the obvious and logical conclusion that Mormons do not believe in the same God that Christians do, period!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Implementing the Impossible Gospel

One of my New Year's resolutions was to be less confrontational when speaking with and about the LDS. That lone caused me to reevaluate my approach and discussion platform.

I have recently opened a Twitter account and I have slowly gotten the hang of it. The last few nights, I have been perusing the hashtags #Mormon and #LDS to look for opportunities to converse with people. Well, last night I sent a few tweets with little to no success, but I finally found a tweet from a guy named Bobby from Colorado who is a radio personality. We were able to converse and some traction was made.

For this conversation, I will use 'B' for Bobby, and 'J' for Josh of Ephesians 2 Ministry. Many of the responses were multi-part tweets, but I will compile them.

This was the original tweet that I responded to: "I always want to be with my own family....and The Lord has shown me how I can." #Mormon

J: And how is that? Could you show me a BofM reference or Bible reference about eternal families? I would appreciate that. Thanks.

B: This is what I found for ya my friend =]

B: PS, thank you for allowing me to research a little bit. That quote is from a hymn I sang at a funeral today. Felt inspired to share

J: That's great info. And I'm glad I got you researching. What happens to a person after death? Bible or BofM reference, too please.

B: I would refer you to my friend. I appreciate all your questions but I would go there & search references for u.

(At this point, I thought he was just going to be done talking. But I persisted.)

J: Can I share a BofM verse with YOU? Will you read Alma 34:32-35 for me and get back with me?

B: my question to you before I do that is, are you genuinely curious about my faith, or are you trying to discredit it?

J: I grew up LDS and could not get my questions answered. Too many inconsistencies. I was just wondering your thoughts on the verses.

B: ok, well inconsistencies, I've found tend to come from a lack of understanding or knowledge. When that has happened to me before I've prayed to Heavenly Father for understanding. Honestly, I've come to the realization that I am supposed to receive certain knowledges and truths when I am ready to receive them. As for that scripture in Alma, what I take from it is that this mortal life is a time of a probation. A time to repent for those transgressions we make daily. The mind/thoughts/desires are what we take with us and we should not wait until that time The Lord calls us home to repent. And that's my perspective on it. Hope that helps.

J: Have you repented for all of your transgressions that you daily commit? Just wondering. I know I struggle every day

B: I do try. I must admit it is not a daily occurrence for which I must work on my daily prayer habits. The Lord knows our hearts & intentions.

J: Well, I read Miracle of Forgiveness, and here is a quote in it: 'There is one crucial test of repentance. This is abandonment of the sin. Desire is not sufficient. In other words, it is not real repentance until one has abandoned the error of his ways and started on a new path the saving power does not extend to him who merely wants to change his life. Trying is not sufficient.

B: well to you I would say yes, I have repented of some issues in my life, and have abandoned them. However, all of us, shall remain imperfect beings in this mortal life. That's the beauty of forgiveness and sincere repentance. Faith without works is dead. I've read that talk. I feel the angle you are coming from is that we must remain free of transgression from repentance from here on out. That's not practical for any man or woman. We will always fall short of the Grace of God, but through His sacrifice we can be made clean.

J: But, what about 1 Nephi 3:7?

B: I assume you are referring being baptized unto repentance?

J: Oh no... here's the verse: 1 Nephi 3:7 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.

B: okay, so what is your specific question regarding those verses?

J: If it's not practical for us to be free of sin and we fall short, how is it that "the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

B: you and I and the rest of the waking world have a little gift called "free agency." God does not expect us to be perfect, however we are commanded to obey the precepts He has brought forth in His Gospel. He prepares the way through those scriptures guidelines and ways we may grow closer to him if we open our hearts and minds to it"

J: Wouldn't one of those precepts be full repentance, though? Alma 11:37 "And I say unto you again that he cannot save them in their sins; for I cannot deny his word, and he hath said that no unclean thing can inherit the kingdom of heaven; therefore how can ye be saved, except ye inherit the kingdom of heaven? Therefore, ye cannot be saved in your sins.

B: listen Josh. I respect your curiosity and thirst for Gospel knowledge, but we are going back and forth to no success of your questions. I sincerely feel you would have a phenomenal conversation with a Missionary or other Mormon confidant. I am not trying to shrug you off, but it's late, and we could go back and forth till the wee hours. I hope you find the answers you seek from God and I wish you well my friend. Be blessed and thanks for the inspiring conversation. All my best =]

J: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and talk with me. It's great that you were willing to share your knowledge and faith. Please consider Ephesians 2:8-9 'For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.' God bless you my friend

B: I must say I appreciate your questions and faith. Many people of whatever faith backdown due to lack of knowledge. But it is thru Christ-like dialogue we can come to agree or compassionately disagree about our beliefs. May God bless you too.

The Impossible Gospel provided for some good conversation and some critical thinking. I pray that Bobby will reflect on our conversation the next time the subject comes up and will research further into what he believes. He was very genuine in his responses and non-confrontational. He really had a desire to answer my questions. I believe that if I had started the conversation much earlier, we would have been able to walk through the Impossible Gospel even further... but, I didn't start until nearly 11pm.

Please join me in prayer for Bobby and all LDS people.