Sunday, April 28, 2013

Foolishness or Defense?

When your apart of a ministry such as Ephesians 2 you tend to get quite the reaction from LDS apologist.
One such apologist who's name is Victor messaged me asking why I refused to allow him into a group our ministry has on facebook.  This group is for Christians who support Ephesians 2 Ministry and to allow them to ask for prayer or advise with any and all situations (ministry related or not).  Now why would an LDS apologist want to be a part of this other than to cause issues?  I have stated from the very beginning that Ephesians 2 Ministry is not for those who are content being LDS regardless of facts presented to them.  As the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water you just can't make them drink.  He started out the conversation by saying...
"I find it amazing how a ministry founded to reach out the the "lost" actually avoids those they claim are lost.  Or, better yet, a ministry that merely targets those with weaknesses in their faith, all the while avoiding those who actually have a strong faith and an ability to respond to the claims of said ministries.  Since when did the Great Commission omit any person?"
Now don't get me wrong.  Reaching the lost is the ultimate goal for Ephesians 2.  Not only by those who are a part of our team but making sure all those we serve have the knowledge and understanding to do so.  However there is a difference in trying to reach those who are lost and engaging those who are only out to argue. 2 Timothy 2:23 "Again I say, don’t get involved in foolish, ignorant arguments that only start fights."

I often refer to their mindset as the "Red pill, Blue pill" argument. So you can understand what this means you can watch the video here. For someone such as Victor who has seen all the evidence against his faith and refuses to acknowledge the falsehoods and convince himself that facts don't exist is doing exactly what you hear in the video.  Believing what you want to, not what is real. Now after informing him I wasn't interested in getting into debates with him he commented saying...
"Not a debate, just biblical Christianity. Jesus Christ never missed an opportunity to teach those who were misguided."
Never missed an opportunity yes.  However he also knew when those around him were only looking to pick a fight as we see in Mark 14:61.  As you can see he is following the norm.  Seeing where the conversation was going to go I asked him no end the conversation and to not contact me further till he was done defending a lie.  He responds with..
""Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word of God." How shall the uninterested then hear if ministries, such as E2, only seeks out those with interest in hearing?"
Again he would be correct that faith comes by hearing.  A conversation like this would go nowhere with someone who not only isn't interested in hearing how their church is a fraud, but avidly defends it spite the facts. Now again don't misunderstand me.  Engaging LDS in conversation is vital if they are to realize what they've gotten themselves involved in.  However in the case of an apologist that will not be the case. He then attempts to defend his case by saying...
"How un-biblical you can be. Saul defended a lie, yet Jesus Christ sought him out on the road to Damascus.  He didn't say to Saul, "when you are done defending a lie feel free to look me up."
Thank you for comparing yourself to Saul defending a lie Victor, however you are trying to compare Saul conversing with Christians to Jesus encountering Saul.  I pray you yourself one day receive a similar vision and stop attacking God's Word. His intentions after this became even more clear as he spends just as much time attempting to correct the errors made in my responses done by my phones auto-correct feature.  This is why Ephesians 2 will never tolerate LDS apologist attempting their slight of hand on our facebook page or any other form of social media.  They will be quick to say we are trying to hide the truth while at the same time attempting to silence those who oppose their church.  When you engage someone who is LDS that you do not know personally do keep this tactic of theirs in the back of your mind.  Be aware that their purpose may only be to waist your time.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

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