Saturday, October 12, 2013

Helen Ann Hulse of Mormon Missions Midwest Outreach

As you get involved with apologetics and start to rub LDS apologists the wrong way you will soon get attention that you may or may not want. I myself could care less for if they are trying to go after me then that just means they will leave others alone. To me some of the comments you see are funny. They claim they are Christian however I will show you some of their comments and I will let you be the judge of that. 

The original title of this blog was "Oh the Child's Play" because I had the pleasure of noticing that a certain Anti-Christian (LDS apologists)or so I thought, who went under a fake facebook profile by the name of Porter Rockwell had become fascinated with me. For the privacy of others that were involved I will stick with their first names only but I'm sure most of you will know who they are. Because the person in question has decided to go after our ministry I decided to play right back by letting them notice my profile picture. Sure enough it didn't take long however their reaction went even further than I expected. This is exactly what you need to be aware of because this is the real reflection of their hearts of which God is no part of it. This is how the conversation started.

What makes the following conversation more interesting is the fact of who was behind Porter Rockwell.  That's right it is a so called "Christian" who runs a 501c3 ministry to Mormons.  I never could understand why an apologist would invest the time to try and research my past and it turns out they didn't.  Because I told this person over Skype the information who then in turn tried to use the information to make me look bad.  Who is this person you ask?  Helen Ann Hulse of Mormon Missions Midwest Outreach.  I have wanted to avoid bringing up issues like this because I was wanting her to leave the past in the past.  Now that she insist on trying to run peoples names through the mud I thought some of you might be interested in knowing the reality behind her so called "Christianity".  Feel free to view her confession and then please feel free to read how she hides behind the image of an LDS Danite.

Why is this important you may ask.  Well for years Helen has cried that her ministry has been under attack by a few people on facebook.  Funny thing is most of the information that was being fed to them if not ALL of it was being done so by Porter Rockwells profile.  Why the need for this?  Now that she has gotten rid of the Porter profile she has turned her attention to any and all people who have once helped her or stood up against her un-Christ like behavior. FYI When the following conversation took place I was under the impression I was talking with a Mormon.
John Merilatt - Porter. You seem intimidated by my pic.  I'm messing with you and I?  I live in Vancouver Washington.  Feel free to swing my way.  I'll have coffee waiting.
Porter - You are a joke. Me intimidated by you John? Now that's funny!
John Merilatt - I'm not saying you are. I am just going off your posting.
 Porter - You've never been Mormon so what the hell are you up too?
John Merilatt - You are correct.  I've never been.  Does that disqualify me from wanting to share the Gospel with the LDS?
Porter - keep your gospel
John Merilatt - I will.  And I will also share it with those who know hey can' live up to yours.  God Bless.
 Porter - use your wives face cream or make remover on the photo... you don't look good like a joker or clown.
John Merilatt - You are correct I don't.  However Joseph and his religion of many colors does. 
Now at this point since he knows she won't convince me of "the error of my ways" the normal thing you will see them do is go character assassination mode. They do this in order to get you upset or to get you frustrated to the point you may say something you normally wouldn't.
Porter - get some dental work done!
John Merilatt - Wow.  That is the best you can come up with?
John Merilatt - Please.  If you want to play children's games there are playgrounds for that.
Porter - you would know, right? 
John Merilatt - You are correct.  I have 2 little ones.  A part of being a parent.
Porter - Ha! 
John Merilatt - Le me know when you've matured a little.  I'll be around. 
At this point she tried to make the conversation even more personal. She heard my past and tried to use it against me as if I have something to hide. So for those of you who do care let me explain part of my past. After graduating college I got married and moved from a town I refer to as Hickville Oregon up to Vancouver Washington. I then entered the U.S. Air Force Reserves. Upon completion of training it was clear that my wife and I had a separation between us and I couldn't figure out why for some time. After some time passed the truth came out that while I was gone my wife was unfaithful. We attempted to work things out but divorce came and we moved on. This brings me to her next attack.
Porter - with your two wives?
John Merilatt - Your the one who's LDS.  You should know more about that than me.  It isn't in my doctrine.
Porter - I didn't divorce my wives, you did...
John Merilat - You act like I have something to hid.  Yes I am divorced.  And I had every Biblical reason to do so.  As if that is any of your business.
Now if this is not enough here are some other comments made on Porters page.
Greg - I would like to see John Merilatt and any of his supporters give a picture of Mohammed the same treatment and then post that on a Facebook page for Muslims.  It's easy to kick a target that doesn't fight back. It doesn't take bravery to be a bully.
Well Greg Islam is not a religion we know enough about to make that kind of reference to. Even then Greg they don't claim to use the Bible like you do. I also love the reference to kicking a target that doesn't fight back. Joseph insulted us from the very beginning and your pride refuses to allow you move past petty games. Last but not least "It doesn't take bravery to be a bully." You are correct, for you go a lot farther than I ever would. I have never gone after your personal character or anyone else's in order to scare them off. To bad it doesn't work with me.
Peter - The example of John Merilatt and his ministry is the main reason why I do not trust any ministry what so ever when it claims to care to love Mormons, not that I am asking for care or love.  I know my Church is True and that I have a living Prophet that leads me and that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Brother and I say these things in his name..... Amen
Well Peter I wouldn't expect you to trust us. Our goal is to help those in bondage that want a way out to find one. It isn't for Anti-Christians such as yourself. I would ask you this question. If you see a dear friend of yours walking into a field with countless land mines would you keep your mouth shut or allow them to believe what they want? We all know what you "Know". I always love how when there is nothing else to say or you don't have an answer you have to tell yourselves again what you "Know".

This one is one of my favorites...
Peter - I know ha all these ministries that claim o reach out to Mormons are controlled and being led by the children of Satan....... Yes I did say that..... if you have proof that you follow Jesus Christ then give it and don' play games..... if not then go back to Hell with Satan and don't let the doors of Hell hit you in the Ass.
Really? At this point his true colors have come out. So any group that reaches out to Mormons is controlled by Satan huh? Do I have proof I follow Jesus. Absolutely I do. I give my life to serving him however he calls me to. It just so happens that he has laid it upon my heart to try and reach the LDS and JW's. You both claim to be the only true church and organization that can speak for God and yet neither of you have valid answers to Biblical questions we ask. You in turn spit out responses like the one we see here. Can't you just feel the love with his comments?

Last but certainly not least...
Gregory - John, did you forge to wear your WWJD bracelet yesterday?  this isn't very nice.

Well Greg. What would Jesus do? What did he do is the better question. Jesus stood up against those who were perverting his Gospel. Jesus got angry at those who were making a mockery out of his house. He claimed to be the only way of which was not open to interpretation or feelings. He claimed to be the great "I am". We as Christians are called to be salt and light. Salt on an open wound hurts doesn't it? If you don't know try it and get back to me. Ever turned the lights on after having been in a dark room sleeping? Why not look into what the long term affects of being subjected to intense light can do and get back to me.

I hope Helen understands that I want no harm to come to her. I pray that she stops her campaign before she ruins what reputation she has left.  Upon confession, and promise to stop her smear campaigns this article will be removed. Because things like this have to stop.

May God bless you and keep you safe.


  1. Wow! I am praying for you Helen Hulse. Satan has gotten hold of you. Please repent and turn back to Jesus.

    1. I have seen other screen shots where Helen Hulse has said hateful and disgusting things about really good friends of mine. This is just more evidence that she needs mental help in my opinion. I had a run in with her and I "unfriended" her on Facebook as I do not care for drama. It was reaching the point of down right scary. Helen wrote to me and demanded to know why I unfriended her. She then went on a rant and called me non Christian because I had the nerve to block her profile.
      I am so sick and tired of her need for spotlight and attention. Please Helen, this is not about YOU, it is supposed to be about bringing TRUTH and LIGHT to others. It is not the Helen and Rocky show.
      Thanks John, keep up the good work.

    2. Joanne, I'll never forget how this whole mess almost made you withdraw from your new Christian friends online. I'll never forget how these certain people seemed to work together to harass others for no good reason. But I'll always praise God for bringing us through that difficult time and how he blessed our friendships to make them rich & strong. You are a rock and a prized daughter of God . I don't know how anyone who knows you would ever 'question' your Christianity. God bless you my Sister and I love you!

    3. Princess, you helped and encouraged me greatly when I was so shaken up and you said "do not leave facebook". I also remember how you came under attack for encouraging me to stay. I was stunned when a woman I believed a friend told me that she was the one who made a big stink saying I was using copy written material and reposting it without giving MMMO credit.
      I simply got things off the internet and posted it, but they love a fight and stir up trouble when there never should have been trouble. Credit was given where credit was due.
      I pray for them and I really hope their eyes are opened from the deception they are all under over there and if they do, I will embrace them with opened arms. I do not hold a grudge. However, seeing this ongoing problem and the number of people they have hurt, I am not going to hold my breath. I have faith that God will bring them to account and they will have the scales removed from their eyes.
      There has to be peace in the body of Christ.
      I love you Princess, and I thank God for friends like you.

  2. Thank you for bringing more of the Rocky and Helen horror show to the attention of other Christians. They are damaging the body of Christ and smile while they do it. I have blocked her from my page and Helen called my unchristian when I did so. I am thankful that she is not my judge come judgement day and decides who is Christian and who is not.
    I pray for Helen and Rocky, that this madness stops since Rob has brought their latest attack on a fellow Christian to light on his page, Courageous Christians.
    God bless

  3. Clearly this type of behavior is not fitting for anyone who claims to be a Christian. This is very sad and disappointing.

  4. This kind of behavior by her is just wrong. Thank you for letting me know. I will make sure to stay away from her and her "ministry".

  5. John, it's a tragedy to see this type of behavior from someone who claims to represent a legal 501c3 Christian ministry. You didn't deserve to be harassed and have your past thrown in your face by this masked LDS assassin. I too had my personal information misused by this Porter Rockwell and know how you feel. We both know how much we have suffered on account of this person and I turn my case over to the Lord for His perfect justice.

    Based on everything I have witnessed over the past few years, I don't believe that the person who hid behind this fake Porter Rockwell has a relationship with Jesus Christ as they claim. I pray for this person and all those who join her in her ungodly activities and harassment against others. I bless them and hope that they will come to repent of all their deeds before they have to stand before the Savior. He promised to vindicate His servants and doesn't like it when people abuse His children. God is not mocked. What goes around will surely come around too.

    Jesus said: "Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven." (Matthew 7:21)

    God bless you and be with you in your ministry efforts.

  6. Demon possession is what is wrong here. The Hulses are not saved. I do not see and did not ever see them lead others to JESUS. They just bashed a religion and are trying to make a name for themselves for the love of money.

  7. What an evil woman. I feel sorry for her husband.

    1. I believe that the man is an enabler. He should speak up and stop the insanity, so I do not feel sorry for him at all. Pray pray and pray some more for them.

  8. What a joke this blog is with it's altered emails and comments. Wendy Jensen and John Merilatt (Ephesians 2 Ministry) both known prevaricators, along with several people commenting here have and are working together.

    There are so many lies posted here why waste time responding any of them. I will make sure the Hulse's get a copy of this trash.

    1. Altered? The only alterations made is to remove names of those who don't wish to have their name continued to be ran through the mud by Helen directly or indirectly. Wendy and John both known prevaricators? Spoken by someone defending a person who must still think they are running for prom queen. Listen. There are COUNTLESS people who have asked her to stop with the high school drama only to have them be her next target. So please make sure Helen gets a copy. We along with everyone she's running through the mud will not be bullied by her idol threats of an IRS attorney or a Texas DA. Newsflash!!! An IRS attorney only cares about tax related issues. A Texas DA only cares about issues related within the state of Texas. So please, when she wants to apologize and promises to end the drama then as promised this blog will come down and not a moment sooner.

  9. Unbelievable. I saw a link to this posted on their facebook page. Why on earth would someone want to draw this kind of attention to themselves?

    1. Those of us who have chosen to speak our mind have done so and left well enough alone. Allowing everyone to judge for themselves. You'll never see drama posted on our facebook page. It isn't the place for it. No one is out to "attack" her. Everyone still loves her and wants the best for her. People are just tired of what's been said and have finally chosen to speak their mind. We will be not stop doing what the Lord has called us to do which is sharing the Gospel with Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses and equipping the body to do the same. I just pray she gets back to the intended purpose of what her ministry is supposed to do.

  10. Her actions speak that of a 4 year old. If people aren't giving her positive attention she acts out to get negative. How childish.

  11. WOW. I'm going to pray for this woman. She needs help.

  12. I actually feel sad for this woman and her despite cry for attention.

  13. Clearly she's crying for attention. Someone may want to contact a mental facility close to her.

  14. I had a family member who acted the way Helen does, but they were put on medication for schizophrenia.