Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Greg's up to his old tricks again

For those of you who have been following us for a while you may or may not remember this. For those of you new to Ephesians 2 please take heed. Several months ago an LDS apologist by the name of Greg West became fascinated with our ministry to the point that he tracked down our old address and published pictures of our place along with other ministries as if the amount of money we make has some sort of impact we can make for the Kingdom of God. Even though he has moved on to bigger and better fish he is still up to his old tricks.

As most of you are probably aware there is a new video series on YouTube called LDS- Video Encyclopedia. Greg caught wind of it thanks to another apologist by the name of Timothy. He then immediately went after the creator of the videos. This is what he posted, minus the websites information...

You'll note that the registration information attempts to stay as anonymous as possible. The address on the site shows up on Google Maps as a business park where there's a Devry University Graduate School, Peak Fitness Company, Internet Capital Group, and a Trigon Technology Group building. It's probably a PO Box in one of those places where you can rent a mailbox. Perhaps it's an employee of a company there or a Devry student.

You'll also notice that the e-mail address of the registrant uses a proxy anonymizer. What does it tell you when a person doesn't want to put their name on their work?

Now I'm not a rocket scientist by any stretch of the means but with people like Greg out there why wouldn't someone want their information kept secret? Should you decide to start up a ministry please remember that Greg may post your information for everyone on the internet to see. However if you wish you can become a part of Ephesians 2 and it will already lead to me, and to that I say "Bring it on, Greg....Bring it on".


  1. "as if the amount of money we make has some sort of impact we can make for the Kingdom of God"

    This idea does not come from us.

    It is one of the teachings of your antiMormon church that God's people should not have or use money. If you have and use money you are not living by the doctrine of your antiMormon church.


  2. Sometime I wish we could make money. But if we did what would that say about our intentions?