Sunday, May 8, 2011

From the Depths of Our Souls

By John Merilatt

To our LDS friends and family we bid you a fond hello.
We please ask that you listen as we speak from the depths of our soul.

You claim that you are Christian and although we disagree,
We ask that you read God's Holy Word and not just rely on a wretch like me.

For in God's Holy word he makes it very clear,
That only if you call on the one and only true Jesus will you and he draw near.

For Jesus Christ is God made flesh as it states in John 1.
For God consists of the Father, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ His Son.

For the blood of Christ paid the price for sin once and for all,
And it is his Grace that saves us as we read in the words of Paul.

We agree with James, that faith without works is dead,
But to place any burden or workload upon your shoulders demeans the blood he shed.

You would rather trust the words of a self proclaimed prophet than trust God's Holy Word.
But if you had read his word to begin with, it's through his blood your salvation is rest assured.

From the depths of our soul we ask you take a look
At the real history and claims of your prophets and the church.

We love you dearly and will do what we can
To show you God's Word and not the words of man.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

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