Thursday, January 5, 2012

I needed a good laugh

I came across an LDS apologists blog a while back and they were trying to merge so called "Anti-Mormons" as hate groups as listed by the FBI's definitions.  Then let's look at each of these shall we.  And we can see who really fits this "Mold".

1.      Group gathers
2.      Group defines itself
3.      Group disparages the target
4.      Taunts target
5.      Attacks target without weapons
6.      Attacks target with weapons
7.      Destroys target

1.  Group gathers - Well this is kind of generic and can be applied to almost anyone from a group of co-workers gathering to play softball or your local Sunday service.

2. Group defines itself - Well if they are trying to refer to us then we define ourselves as a group of Evangelical Christians out to share the "Real" gospel of Jesus with the LDS and JW's.  However they define themselves as a group of people out to defend the "Supposed" restored gospel.  So again this really doesn't mean much quite yet.

3. Group disparages the target - Well let's start with the definition of disparages shall we.
  • to speak of or treat slightingly; depreciate; belittle
  • to bring reproach or discredit upon; lower the estimation of
Now let's look at some comments made by LDS apologists shall we?

Peter Anderson Makinson Bob Brett needs to keep his toys in his pushchari and play with his toys instead of trying to play with the BIG BOYS ......

Peter Anderson Makinson - The Challenging Mormon Apologetics are a complete joke. Up to now I know of 7 people who have been banned 8 with me. Who are this bunch of crackpots ans what are they trying to achieve...

Timothy Berman “Some look at the kid with a big stick heading towards a Beehive and think “that boy has got to be the biggest fool” when in reality it sometimes takes courage and kahonas to walk up to a nest of swarming bees and beat their cozy little nest to awaken the reality that the are not welcomed where they decided to hang out. ~~~ Timothy

So as you can see they may just need to remove the plank from their eye before worrying about the speck in their neighbors.

4. Taunts Target - Well taunting would imply what?  Asking for proof when we know they don't have any?  O.K.    How about comments like these...

Timothy Berman - Now, I challenge J.R. to republish his post, apologize for his insinuation, and to present the facts more plainly and simply.  

Apologize for sharing the truth about Mormonism?.... HA!!!

5.  Attacks target without weapons - This has got to be the most overused "cry foul" tactic you will see when it comes to LDS apologetics. For anytime something sheds light on their religion they claim we are attacking them.  Maybe they should start trying to practice their faith in countries such as China or North Korea and REALLY start to see and feel what being attacked is like.

6.  Attacks with weapons - OK.  Really?  Does this even need to be addressed.  The closest thing I've seen to them accusing critics of the church of this is in Greg West's blog where he tries to insinuate that every LDS church that is being burned down is being done so by "Anti-Mormons".  Really?  At what point do we need to get a reality check?

7.  Destroys target - As if #6 was pointless enough to address.  Come on,  just because someone is critical of another persons beliefs doesn't mean they are out do destroy them.  This is a tactic used by those who want to make things seem worse then they are in order to get sympathy from those they are trying to persuade.

So who really fits this mold.  Let me show you something and you can be the judge.  Funny how they like to cry foul and yet are guilty of the very same things they are accusing others of.  This is only the start of it. Their constant need to silence the critics has gotten out of hand.  I suggest they realize that just like there are Republicans and Democrats that not everyone will agree.  However if they are going to accuse people of things in order to try and make them look bad they had better watch what they are doing themselves.

Let this be a warning to all Bible believing Christians.  This game of theirs has no end.  Let's pray they wise up to their actions before they cause themselves anymore damage.

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