Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Article of Faith#1

Since I started doing this blog, I have been thinking about going through the 13 Articles of Faith and trying to make some Christian sense out of them. I memorized them when I was a kid and taught them to my older ones. So today, God gave me a reason and something to really latch onto.
#1 Says;
We believe in God the Eternal Father and in His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost.
That seems like a fairly strait forward Holy Trinity kind of statement. Then Joseph Smith gave the King Follet discourse which is famous for the new concept that "As man is God once was, As God is man may become."
When I was first a Christian I had alot of trouble conceptualizing God any other way than human. For me that was huge.
I hated most men. I grew up in a messed up excuse for a Mormon family. I married young and have been divorced. My first husband is a tried and true "priesthood holder". I hated having to deal with his condensending attitude for the 5 years I was single and for nearly 20 as we struggled with child support and visitation issues. Oh he did just enough to keep his temple recommend, but that was all. I won't go into the gory details but just so you know I was pretty scared from birth from the men in my life.
For me to think of having faith in God was a struggle. When I found out that God was spirit, that He was omnipotent and could understand me from His humanity and help me from His deity. That I no longer had to think of being in Heaven with a man that had an eternal erection and that I would not be pregnant forever made me dance in my living room!
More than that I understand from a deep level that to believe that God is human makes you nuts. Yes that is an admition of insanity! I was at Sally's house today being a grandma. The baby had been crying for 3 days and she hadn't had a shower in that long. So after she got a little break and i got to spend time with my grandkids. She started to cry. She asked me if I thought that Heavenly Father felt as helpless as she did when she has to let her baby cry herself to sleep, Knowing that to be able to take care of herself is good for her and that interference would not be. I wonder if God feels as frustrated about watching us and not being able to help us as I am right now. Oh my Gosh!
I stopped being chicken. I couldn't keep silent. I explained that the God I worship never feels frustrated. He sees the end from the beginning. He doesn't rescue us unless it is in His will to do so. But frustrated? No.
She sat down and cried some more. It was a good meltdown.
I told her that my God is never helpless, can and does take complete care of us and trusts us with precious babies to take care of. My God trusts you. But if He wanted to He could in His Almightiness fix every detail of every problem you have with out any human help at all. His understanding is so complete and so infinite. He doesn't.
After that the baby started to cry. She was still frustrated. I prayed in my heart that my all powerful, all present, all knowing amazing God would help her, yes even lift her burden just for a moment.
Love, R:)

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