Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Be careful, the LDS church doesn't want you reading this.

It is pretty well known now that facebook will remove postings because it supposedly violates the terms.  However there is one as of late that seems to be getting censored rather quickly.  So in an effort to help you understand what is going on within the world of Mormonism we are placing the article here for you to read.

It is about an LDS missionary who is guilty of things we often hear about in the Catholic church or Kingdom Halls.  That is taking advantage of a child.  Now I can understand why they would not want this seen.  However that will not stop us from making sure then information is getting out.  Please follow the link below.  You may place any comments you like on our facebook page however should they be removed we may need to move it over to our discussion forum for your safety.  This posting has been removed at least 4 times from 2 different pages.

Click HERE for the article.