Monday, August 22, 2011

Is God Unchangeable?

By John Merilatt

Is God unchangeable from eternity to eternity,
Or was he a mortal like you or like me?

The Bible makes it clear that God always was and always will be,
Mormonism claims he was once a man like you or like me.

It would seem that Mormonism can't even get it's own story straight.
For the Book of Mormon even says that he is unchangeable in Moroni chapter eight.

Mormonism now lowers God to make him appear less than what he is,
For when it comes to works saving you it isn't yours, but His.

For if that isn't enough the Mormon god can't create.
For Jesus to be born unto Mary he had to procreate.

With Mormonism Jesus's blood won't cut it.
Your works play a role for your sins to omit.

Is God unchangeable as the Bible tells us?
Or just an exalted man as Joseph's story would tell us?

What is the need to change the nature of God,
And go out spreading this message abroad?

My guess is it all comes down to being exalted.
For it is mans ego that needs to be fed
And it's mans own opinions for which they are lead.

For if you can bring God down a notch and raise up man,
The need for Jesus isn't as high a demand.

So please make sure you read God's Word
And see that he IS unchangeable and your salvation
can be assured.

In Psalm ninety verse two we read that from everlasting to everlasting thou are God
Yet in Mormonism he was once a man that dwelled  near Kolob.

For we can read how Jesus is God made flesh.
And when you truly rely on him will you find rest.

Are prayers are that all Latter day Saints will understand his Word.
And that with his blood shed on the Cross can one be made pure.

May God bless you can keep you safe.

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